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Transition from Spectacles, Contact Lenses & Lasik

Are Spectacles & Contact Lenses, a constant hassle to handle, adding to your expenses?

Are you finding it awkward to wear and remove your contact lenses daily? Do you constantly need to hydrate your eyes with eye drops?

Have you ever misplaced or broken your contact lenses?
Is finding a replacement of your contact lenses a difficult task?


Stop worrying!

“Meet all the challenges of life with a better perception, eliminating the hassles of Spectacles and Contact Lenses, with Implantable Phakic Contact Lens (IPCL V2.0)

What is IPCL V2.0? How does it function?

Implantable Phakic Contact Lens (IPCL V2.0) is like a soft contact lens, single piece posterior chamber phakic iol, which can be inserted into the eye through sub 2.8mm incision to correct vision of the eye.


The lens is customized according to shape & size of each eye. Widest power range from +15D to -30D with cyl. up to 8D. Made from Hybrid Acrylic material to ensure long term performance.


The IPCL V2.0 Lens Implanted inside the eye, between the Iris and the natural Lens. It can be inserted into the eye through sub 2.8mm incision, to correct spherical, cylindrical or mixed errors within the eye’s optical system. Once implanted in the eye, the IPCL V2.0 stays indefinitely. It can be replaced or removed from the eye, if your vision changes over a period of time.


IPCL V2.0 Advantage

“Vision with a new Horizon".

Since yesteryear, the only method of permanent vision correction was corrective laser eye surgery with the advent of the IPCL V2.0, things have changed. Now you can enjoy, a well defined vision correction, that’s sharper, cleaner, more vivid & has greater depth and dimension–All in a simple 15 minute OPD medical intervention.

Pleasant Surprise

After a simple 15 minute OPD medical procedure, patients experience immediate improvement in the visual quality and are “Pleasantly Surprised” by the result. In fact the quality of vision achieved is the best among the other eye vision solutions available with your surgeon.


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