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A Contact Lens Is A Thin, Curved Lens Placed On The Film Of Tears That Covers The Surface Of Your Eye. It Is Considered As A Medical Devices And Can Be Worn To Correct Vision, Or For Cosmetic Or Therapeutic Reasons.


 Soft Contact Lenses

Soft contact lenses are made of soft, flexible plastics that allow oxygen to pass through to the cornea—the clear dome that covers the colored part of the eye. This lens material may be easier to adjust to and provide better initial comfort than hard, or rigid gas permeable, contact lenses READ MORE

Rgp Contact Lenses

Rigid gas permeable contact lenses, also called RGP or GP contact lenses, are made from a firm plastic material that transmits oxygen and contain no water. Unlike hard lenses, RGP lenses permit oxygen to pass directly through the lens to the eye so that it may “breathe.” Because they  READ MORE

Hybrid Contact Lenses

Hybrid contact lenses are great for most patients with corneal astigmatism. There are many types of Hybrids available, including Multifocals. The special characteristics of a hybrid contact lens are that they have the rigid gas permeable lens (GP) to correct the astigmatism, but it is surrounded by a skirt of a soft READ MORE

Mini-Scleral Lenses

Mini-scleral lenses, typically ranging from 15.0mm to 18.0mm in size, and are a great choice for young children with normal corneas and high refractive errors or for those who have irregular corneas such as keratoconus. Mini-scleral are also great for kids who are intolerant to corneal GP lenses and want the READ MORE

scleral lenses

A scleral lens sits on the sclera of the eye and vaults over the cornea, virtually eliminating friction and discomfort. This “dome” creates a new optical surface to replace the damaged cornea. Moreover, the reservoir of saline solution between the back the lens and the front of the cornea perpetually keeps the eye in READ MORE


Prosthetic Lenses

Prosthetic Lenses are special lenses that cover the cornea if the cornea has become cloudy or opaque and for treatment of photophobia. These lenses can be made customized which can match the other eye and which improves the appearance of a disfigured eye. These lenses block the excess light from entering the  READ MORE

Contact Lenses Tcosmetic

Contact Lenses Tcosmetic

Contact Lenses Therapeutics

Contact Lenses Therapeutics

Contact Lenses Diagnostic

Contact Lenses Diagnostic

Contact Lenses Research

Contact Lenses Research

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