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Cosmetic contact lenses (CCL), which change the appearance of the eye but do not correct vision, first appeared in the USA in the early 1980s.1 These devices have become more popular over time and are often marketed to adolescents.2 Wearers of CCL are typically females, may be of low socioeconomic status, and are frequently first-time contact lens users.3,4 Since they are classified as medical devices in the USA, purchasing CCL requires a prescription. However, as they are worn solely for cosmetic purposes, users may incorrectly assume that consultation with an eye care professional is not required.2,5 As a result, users may purchase CCL from vendors who are not licensed to sell contact lenses or may obtain them from friends or family members.5,6 Little is known about these practices, however, as almost no studies have been conducted on this topic.6 The purpose of this study was to examine overall knowledge, personal use, and hygiene behaviors of adolescent CCL users to determine what type of interventions are needed.


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